October 1998-October 2011

It was very hard to lose Windy; she had been with us a long time and since her retirement, she spent a most of her time in the house with us. At night she would start out on her own bed, but sometime before morning she would be at the foot of our bed, down by my feet. I still miss feeling her there.

She had been in very good health until her last few months. Many people were surprised that she was 13. But she developed mammary gland tumors. At first there weren’t many and they weren’t spreading. We decided against surgery because of her age and tracheal paralysis. But then the tumors starting spreading rapidly and she was finding it harder and harder to get comfortable. So we made that terribly difficult decision to take her to the vet and say goodbye. Her ashes are scattered over our little pond which she loved. If she got into the pond and started swimming, it would take forever to get her out. One day while I was recovering from surgery and sitting out by the pond, she got in and swam around for at least an hour and a half.

Windy definitely made a statement wherever she went. Many people will remember watching us (actually Windy) go to the line. She was a handful for me to handle, but she was extremely talented and loved the work. It was sad when we had to retire her early because she lost her hearing in both ears. We still trained her some, but had to give up running in trials.

She was one of a kind, and I will always miss her.


2002 National Amateur
Klamath Falls, OR
Sharon van der Lee with NFTCH-NAFTCH Clubmead’s Steel Magnolia, Windy’s dam
Anna and Windy
Larry with FC-AFC-FTCH-AFTCH Jazztime’s Frequent Flyer, Windy’s sire


Windy won 3 Derbies in a row


FC-AFC at 3 1/2
Completed Canadian titles by winning the Open at Regina July 2, 2004
2002 High Point All Age dog Colorado Women’s Retriever Club
Qualified for 2004 Canadian National Open and Amateur
Qualified for 2005 Canadian National Open and Amateur
Went 7 series 2003 Canadian National Amateur
Qualified for 2003 Canadian National Open
Qualified for 2002 US Open and Amateur Nationals (went 7 series)
Finalist 2002 Canadian National Amateur
Qualified for 2002 Canadian National
Spring 2002: Open win and 2 Open seconds
24 Derby points including 3 wins in a row
Windy ran 3 NAHRA events in 2005, completing her MHR at Spokane, August 27, 2005
Became a Certified Pointer May 12, 2007 and then
Became a Master Pointing Retriever (MPR) May 13, 2007



AFC CFC CAFC Trieven Classical Jazz OFA LR-10873 (Blk)
FC AFC CFC CAFC Jazztime MHR OFA LR-33871 (Blk)
Father Jumping Jessica II (Blk)
FC AFC CFC CAFC Jazztime’ Frequent Flyer (Blk)
Bo Davies (Blk)
Willies Wildfire Roxanne GMHR OFA LR-47405E (Blk)
Theodora Davies (Blk)




NFTCH NAFTCH Waldorf’s High Tech OFA LR-22799 (Ylw)
2 X NAFC 2 X NAFTCH FC Ebonstar Lean Mac OFA LR-46627 (Blk)
Mother Ebonaceae Princess OFA LR-21503 (Blk)
NFTCH NAFTCH Clubmead’s Steel Magnolia OFA LR-78599 (Blk)
FTCH AFTCH Wannamaker’s Corporal Cody LR-42005 (Blk)
Duffglenn’s Sparks Will Fly WCX OFA LR-54098 (Blk)
Lacombe’s Santina OFA LR-42453 (Blk)