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Whelped January 30, 2015

FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Jazztime’s Frequent Flyer x Magic Tricks Jezebel MH

Jay has shown a lot of promise.  He is very intelligent and willing to please.

If he knows what you want, he is willing to do it.

At 12 months of age, he had a Derby win, a second and a third in three trials–putting him

on the National Derby List.

Jay finished his Derby career with a total of 53 (50 in 2016) Derby points, number 4 on the National Derby List for 2016.

Now Qualified All Age (qualified All-Age at 24 months)

We have great hopes for him.

He is progressing quickly on his pointing work and now is a Certified Pointing Retriever.







ON POINT. . . . . . .


                                                                                                                           . . . . .  . . AND THE END RESULT!!!


Jay’s 2016 Derby Record

  • 3rd Southern Arizona February
  • 2nd Salton Sea February
  • 1st San Diego February
  • 3rd Northern California March
  • 1st Spokane April
  • 2nd Mission Valley May
  • 2nd Montana June
  • 4th Sioux Valley June
  • 2nd PRTA July
  • 1st Montana August
  • 4th Mission Valley September
  • 3rd Treasure State September
  • 2nd Western Montana September
  • 3rd Northern California October
  • 3rd California South Coast October
  • 2nd Southern Arizona November
  • 1st San Diego December
2017 Record
  •  Derby 2nd Phoenix January
  •  Qualifying win Southern Arizona February–HIS VERY FIRST QUALIFYING!!
  •  Qualifying 3rd California South Coast February



 AFC-CFC-CAFC Trieven Classical Jazz MH
Father  Jumping Jessica
FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Jazztime’s Frequent Flyer
 Bo Davies
Willie’s Wildfire Roxanne GMHR
 Theodora Davies


Jazztime LL’s Mr Cool Jay QAA


Esprit Out of the Woods
FC-AFC Nick of Time Lone Ranger
Mother FC-AFC Scan’s in the Nick of Time
Magic Tricks Jezebel SH
FC-AFC  Aspen Jake
FC Fat City Juice
FC-AFC Ms Chief